Top Gun 2 Maverick HGU-55 movie accurate helmet stickers

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This is a movie accurate decal set for the TOP GUN (2) MAVERICK movie HGU-55/P flight helmet as... mehr
Produktinformationen "Top Gun 2 Maverick HGU-55 movie accurate helmet stickers"

This is a movie accurate decal set for the TOP GUN (2) MAVERICK movie HGU-55/P flight helmet as used by Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise). 

The decals are made out of high quality 3M film which was cutted on a professional plotter with CAD vector data. All stickers have movie accurate shape - we haven`t seen anything on the market which is closer to the prop than this set.

The sticker size is ment to be used on a HGU-55/P size Large. The stickers can also be used to decorate a bike helmet or similar.

Complex parts, like the front are easy to handle, due to spacer stencils, which will help you to get into the correct distance. Spacer stencils are made out of yellow film, which is ment to be removed after finishing the attachment of the red and white film. The red and white stripes are nearly twice of the mass you need to finish the helmet, so there is enough space for "try `n error".

Important: The decal set is for replicas of the second movie helmet - for TOP GUN (1986) the decals are completely different, even if they look similar. (This set does not contain a helmet or mask).

Pictures show our own helmet with the attached decal set. (Helmet / Mask etc. is not included in this offer - just the stickers!)

Info: FREE SHIPPING! (This item is shipped free worldwide!)

This set is not one of the dozen not accurate replicas, it is the precise prop / replica stuff!


This set contains:

1x Letters "MAVERICK" (smal size for visor)

1x Letters "MAVERICK" (larger size for back of helmet)

2x Eagle head red (L/R)

2x Eagle head white (L/R)

1x Spacer stencils yellow

1x Sheet of red stripes

1x Sheet of white stripes


Please notice, that there is no instruction manual existing. You still need to cut the single strips into correct length and attach them on the correct position. To get a movie accurate helmet you need to have medium skills in working with such materials. We added many pictures of our helmet to this offer, so you can use them as sample.


IMPORTANT! This offer does not contain any helmet - stickers only! WICHTIG! Dieses Set beinhaltet keinen Helm - nur Aufkleber! IMPORTANT! Cet ensemble ne comprend pas de casque - autocollants seulement!


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