Blue Angels HGU flight helmet sticker F/A-18 Hornet era

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  This stickers are the best reproduction of the original Blue Angels flight helmet... mehr
Produktinformationen "Blue Angels HGU flight helmet sticker F/A-18 Hornet era"
This stickers are the best reproduction of the original Blue Angels flight helmet decals you can find. In hours of research and recreation, we can now proudly present this copy. The sticker is printed in blue and white - yellow parts seen on picture are transparent/clear (See second picture). This is because, that attached on the helmet, the Sticker will adopt the same yellow as your helmet surface has. The sticker is also made to be overpainted with clear coat, if wanted / but not neccessary. Both, Logo for the backside of the helmet and Flag for the visor are cutted seperately.
The sticker is made of vinyl, resistant agains UV and water, it also has a extra strong glue on the backside. Size is (H) 3.5" (93mm) of the Logo and (W) 3" of the flag for the visor. Original size.
 Stickers can be overpainted with clear coat.
Info: FREE SHIPPING! (This item is shipped free worldwide!)

This set is not one of the dozen not accurate replica stickers, it is the precise prop / replica stuff!

This set contains:

1x Blue Angels flight helmet sticker (original dimension)

 Please notice, that there is no instruction manual existing. To get an accurate helmet you need to have medium skills in working with such materials. We added many pictures of our helmet to this offer, so you can use it as sample.

 IMPORTANT! This offer does not contain any helmet - stickers only! WICHTIG! Dieses Set beinhaltet keinen Helm - nur Aufkleber! IMPORTANT! Cet ensemble ne comprend pas de casque - autocollants seulement!



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