International Shipping

Inside EU / EFTA - Schengen countrys

GermanGunWorks is shipping within the European Union and Schengen-Countrys (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland).
This means if you place an order from an EU/Schengen country, we will ship without any delay if the item you have ordered is in stock and payed via bank transfer. Just follow the regular steps of our online shop to order. All parcels will be automatically tracked and link will be sent to the same mail adress you have ordered.
Please also notice, that PayPal is no option due to their payment regulations (No payment for firearms and gun parts), so bank transfer is the only option. Due to the European IBAN/BIC System, you can handle bank transfer same as you will handle it for payments in your country.

IMPORTANT - All prices are shown with 19% German VAT. With a logged in account, you will see all the prices without VAT (outside EU) or your local VAT (within EU) + shipping and handling costs - after you added them into your basket!

USA, Canada and outside EU/Schengen

Please notice, that we do not longer ship outside EU / Schengen countries

Shipping outside EU/Schengen causes a huge amount of time to spend with filling out export papers for federal office BafA (similar ITAR / USSD) and German customs office. To recover those costs we included the export handling into the shipping costs which are calculated as flat rate with 350€. 

If you are from another country than US or Canada, please get in contact with us before placing an order. (We have to check export restrictions etc.)

Please notice:
- After we started the export handling, we can no longer add or substract any positions or quantitys of your order. This would cause a restart of the process which again costs time and money we could not take over.
- Please ensure that the ordered items wont harm your own law by possible restrictions. We can not take over responibility about so many different states and countrys and their actual law. 
- Bulky goods which are larger than 120cm (47") can`t be exported.
- All orders will be handeled in order as they come in. Means to stay fair, nobody will get a prefered handling or items into his delivery to make it complete from an inclomplete order of another customer.
- We are fast - federal offices often not. Means minimum time to get an export permission is 3 weeks but this time can raise up to a few weeks more due to the actual workload of them (something we never know).
- Delivery times of Heckler & Koch products which are not in stock, are mostly unknown and there is no way to find out. Means we are always pre ordering such items months before we need them - so our customers do. This causes, that some HK products wont green up in our shop, because they are sold due to pre orders and don`t even touch our storage racks. You can`t see the quantitys behind an item, so if you order 2 and only 1 is in stock, this would cause waiting time till delivery is complete. This causes, that we can not say how long you need to wait till we can ship due to the fact, that we don`t know when next delivery will come - from our experience most products which aren`t in stock will arrive within 1-2 months but others can take much longer. (We highlighted HK because this company handels things completely different than any other company we know)
- Payment can only be accepted by bank transfer / wire due to the fact, that PayPal and Credit Card banks do not allow payment for guns / gun parts. Please always ensure that the bank charge for transactions stay on your side, so that the total of the order will arrive at our account. 
- Customers before had problems with their bank using our name "GermanGunWorks" as receipent for transactions (cause of "Gun" in our name). Therefore you can use EDSIVO GmbH which is the name of our parent company (GGW is just a division of it).
- After export clearance is given and all items are ready for shipping, it will take around 2 weeks till you get your parcel.  

At least, the whole process is kept as easy for you as possible. Means you just have to place an order and except payment, everything else is done by us.

Don`t hesitate to ask your questions if we were not able to illuminate the neccessary steps.

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